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AIOU FA/I.Com Solved Assignments Spring 2024

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AIOU FA/I.Com Solved Assignments Spring 2024

CodeBook NameDownload
308General ScienceDownload
311Book Keeping And AccountancyDownload
321Muslim History of Sub-ContinentDownload
343Islamiat (E)Download
346Principles Of CommerceDownload
376Human RightDownload

6 (Credit Hours) Books Solved Assignment Submission Last Date Spring 2024

301Daftri UrduDownload
305Rural DevelopmentDownload
317Pakistan StudiesDownload
322Secretarial PracticeDownload
329Jadeed ZaratDownload
330Child Care and DevelopmentDownload
345Home Management and Home FurnishingDownload
349Plant ProtectionDownload
356Food And NutritionDownload
357Health And NutritionDownload
360Information Technology ApplicationsDownload
363Urdu – IDownload
364Urdu – IIDownload
386Compulsory English – IDownload
387Compulsory English – IIDownload
394Statistics – IDownload
395Statistics – IIDownload
1307Math – IDownload
1308Math – IIDownload
1309Math – IIIDownload
1339Basics Of AccountingDownload
1340Business AccountingDownload
1345Principles Of CommerceDownload
1346Commercial AccessoriesDownload
1347Commercial GeographyDownload
1348Introduction to Economics 
1349Introduction To Business Mathematics 
1350Introduction to Business Statistics 

3 (Credit Hours) Books Solved Assignment Submission Last Date Spring 2024

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