AIOU Course Code 465 Solved Assignments

AIOU Course Code 465 Population and Development (پاپولیشن اینڈ ڈیویلوپمنٹ) Solved Assignments

AIOU Course Code 465 Solved Assignments: AIOU Course Code 465, titled “Population and Development” (پاپولیشن اینڈ ڈیویلوپمنٹ), is a comprehensive 6 credit hour course that includes four assignments. This course explores the relationship between population dynamics and development. It covers critical topics such as demographic trends, population policies, and the socio-economic factors influencing population growth and development. Through this course, students will understand how population changes impact economic and social structures and learn strategies for managing these changes effectively.

AIOU Course Code 465 Solved Assignments

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