AIOU Degree Forms

  1. Degree Form
  2. Degree Verification Form
  3. Duplicate Degree / Transcript / PRC Form
  4. Change of Examination Center Form
  5. Distributing/Bank Inspector Bill Form
  6. Undertaking Forms for Duplicate Degree

AIOU Degree Forms

At AIOU, the process of managing degree-related matters is facilitated through a range of forms. The Degree Form is pivotal for students who have completed their programs and are seeking to obtain their official degrees. Meanwhile, the Degree Verification Form serves the purpose of confirming the validity of issued degrees, ensuring the integrity of academic credentials. In instances of loss or damage to important documents, such as degrees, transcripts, or Provisional Registration Certificates (PRCs), the Duplicate Degree/Transcript/PRC Form becomes essential, allowing students to request replacements. Additionally, students may use the Change of Examination Center Form to request a change in their assigned examination venue. The Distributing/Bank Inspector Bill Form streamlines financial processes related to fee distribution and bank inspections. Lastly, the Undertaking Forms for Duplicate Degree provide a formal declaration when applying for duplicate degrees, ensuring compliance with necessary procedures. These forms collectively contribute to the efficient management of degree-related affairs at AIOU.

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