Alternative page with proper canonical tag Error in GSC

Alternative page with proper canonical tag Error in GSC

Learn how to resolve the Alternative page with proper canonical tag error in GSC (Google Search Console), understand its impact on SEO, and implement best practices for using canonical tags effectively.

Understanding the Alternative page with proper canonical tag Error in GSC

IssueAlternative page with proper canonical tag error in GSC
ToolGoogle Search Console
Impact on SEOCan dilute link equity and cause confusion about which version to rank
SolutionProper implementation of canonical tags and consistent URL structures

Key Points to Address the Issue

1. Verify Canonical TagsEnsure that canonical tags on alternative pages are correctly implemented and point to the main version of the page.
2. Consistent URLsUse consistent URL structures to minimize the creation of alternative pages. Avoid unnecessary URL parameters and session IDs.
3. Server ConfigurationConfigure your server to handle URL variations appropriately, using 301 redirects where necessary to direct users and search engines to the preferred URL.
4. Internal LinkingEnsure that your internal linking strategy points to the canonical version of the page, reinforcing which URL is preferred.
5. MonitoringRegularly check Google Search Console for updates and ensure that alternative pages with canonical tags are indexed correctly. Address any discrepancies promptly.


URL ExampleCanonical Tag Implementation<link rel="canonical" href=""><link rel="canonical" href="">


By following these steps and ensuring proper implementation of canonical tags, you help search engines understand your site’s structure better, which can improve your overall search rankings. Regular monitoring and addressing any issues promptly will maintain optimal SEO performance.

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