Excluded by noindex Tag

Introduction of Excluded by noindex Tag

Google Search Console (GSC) enables webmasters to track and manage their site’s visibility in Google Search outcomes. The “Excluded by noindex tag” error means some pages aren’t being indexed because they have a noindex tag.

What Does It Mean?

This error shows that certain pages have a noindex tag, telling search engines not to include these pages in search results.

Common Reasons

  • ➡️ Intentional Exclusion: Pages like login, admin, or thank-you pages.
  • ➡️ Accidental Inclusion: Noindex tag added by mistake.
  • ➡️ Temporary Use: Used during maintenance and not removed later.

How to Identify

Google Search Console

  • ➡️ Go to the Coverage report in Google Search Console.
  • ➡️ Check the “Excluded” section for “Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag.”

Manual Check

  • ➡️ View page source code.
  • ➡️ Look for <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> in the <head> section.


Remove the ‘noindex’ Tag

  • ➡️ Edit important pages to remove <meta name="robots" content="noindex">.

Update Robots.txt

  • ➡️ Ensure robots.txt file does not block important pages.

Review CMS Settings

  • ➡️ Check CMS to ensure important pages are not marked noindex.

Check Plugins

  • ➡️ Review SEO plugins to ensure they aren’t adding noindex tags.

Request Indexing

  • ➡️ Use GSC’s URL Inspection tool to request re-indexing of updated pages.


The “Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag” error can prevent important pages from appearing in search results. Fixing this involves removing unnecessary noindex tags and ensuring key pages are indexed.

Additional Tips

  • ➡️ Regular Audits: Regularly check for noindex tags on important pages.
  • ➡️ Use SEO Tools: Monitor the status of your pages with SEO tools.
  • ➡️ Keep Everything Current: Regularly update your CMS and all plugins.

Fixing the “Excluded by noindex tag” error boosts your site’s presence in Google Search results.

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