Pairing Scheme 2nd Year Computer

2nd Year Computer Pairing Scheme 2025 - Updated

Pairing scheme 2nd year computer

Pairing Scheme 2nd Year Computer 2025 | All Boards

Pairing Scheme 2nd Year Computer: For the 1st-year Computer Science paper, the total marks allocated are 75, with 15 marks for the objective section and 60 marks for the subjective section.

In the short questions division, students need to attempt a specific number of questions from each chapter. They have the flexibility to choose questions according to their understanding and preparation level, allowing them to showcase their knowledge across various topics in computer science.

For the long questions division, students are required to choose any two questions out of the provided options. These questions cover specific chapters and require students to provide detailed explanations and solutions to problems related to computer science concepts.

To excel in the Computer Science exam, students should focus on understanding fundamental concepts, practicing solving both short and long questions, and revising key topics from each chapter. Utilizing resources available on ASIF BRAIN ACADEMY’s website can further aid students in their preparation for the exam. Regular practice, along with effective time management during the exam, can help students achieve success and secure high marks.

Pairing Scheme 2nd Year Computer 2025 | All Punjab Boards

Pairing Scheme 2nd year computer

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