Pairing Scheme 1st Year Biology

Pairing Scheme 1st Year Biology1

pairing scheme 1st year biology

Pairing Scheme 1st Year Biology  2025 – Punjab Boards

In the Biology pairing scheme for 1st year students, designed for a comprehensive assessment, there are a total of 14 chapters covered in the textbook. With a total of 85 marks, the exam is structured to evaluate students’ understanding of various biological concepts presented throughout these chapters.

The exam is divided into an objective part worth 17 marks and a subjective part worth 68 marks. In the objective section, multiple-choice questions are included to test students’ knowledge and comprehension of key concepts across different chapters.

On the other hand, the subjective section comprises short and long-answer questions, allowing students to provide detailed explanations and examples to demonstrate their understanding of biological principles. This section covers a range of topics from each chapter, offering students an opportunity to showcase their in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

To excel in the exam, students are encouraged to thoroughly study all 14 chapters of the biology textbook, focusing on key concepts, definitions, and diagrams presented in each chapter. Additionally, practicing with past papers and utilizing resources available on ASIF BRAIN ACADEMY’s website can further enhance students’ preparation and confidence for the exam.

pairing schme 1st year biology

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