Pairing Scheme 1st Year English

Pairing Scheme 1st Year English

pairing scheme 1st year english

Pairing Scheme1st Year English 2025 – Punjab Boards

In the English paper for 1st-year students, the total marks allocated are 100, with 20 marks for the objective part and 80 marks for the subjective part. The objective section, worth 20 marks, consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) aimed at testing students’ understanding of vocabulary and grammar from different books.

For the subjective part, which carries 80 marks, there are several questions designed to assess students’ comprehension, writing skills, and literary analysis. This section includes short questions from different books, a letter or application writing task, a story-writing task, and questions on stanza explanation, punctuation, and the use of pairs of words.

Students are required to attempt various short questions from Book I, Book III (plays), and Book III (poems) in the subjective section. Additionally, they must choose between writing a letter or application and crafting a story from two given topics. Furthermore, they are expected to provide explanations of stanzas, punctuate a paragraph, use pairs of words in sentences, and translate an English paragraph into Urdu or write an essay in English on a given topic.

To excel in the English exam, students should thoroughly study the prescribed books, practice writing essays, letters, and stories, and familiarize themselves with literary analysis techniques. Regular practice and revision, along with utilizing resources available on ASIF BRAIN ACADEMY’s website, can help students prepare effectively for the exam and achieve high marks.

11 Class English Pairing Scheme 2024-2025

pairing scheme 1st year english

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