Pairing Scheme 1st Year Urdu

Pairing Scheme 1st Year Urdu

pairing scheme 1st year urdu

Pairing Scheme 1st Year Urdu 2025 – Punjab Boards

In the Urdu paper for 1st-year students, the total marks are 100, with 20 marks allocated to the objective section and 80 marks for the subjective section. The paper is divided into two main sections: حصہ معروضی and حصہ انشائیہ.

In the حصہ معروضی (objective section), worth 20 marks, students are tested on their knowledge of prose, poetry, and figures of speech. This section includes questions related to prose comprehension, literary terms, and تزکیروتانیث.

The حصہ انشائیہ (subjective section), worth 80 marks, contains various tasks aimed at evaluating students’ comprehension, writing, and literary analysis skills. This section includes tasks such as the explanation of poetry verses, analysis of ghazals, paragraph explanation, summaries of lessons, essay writing, dialogue or conversation composition, letter writing, and summarizing expressions.

To excel in the Urdu exam, students should thoroughly study the prescribed texts, practice writing essays, letters, and summaries, and enhance their understanding of literary devices and figures of speech. Regular practice and revision, along with utilizing resources available on ASIF BRAIN ACADEMY’s website, can help students prepare effectively for the upcoming exam and achieve maximum marks.

11 Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024-2025

pairing scheme 1st year urdu


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