Pairing Scheme 1st Year Physics

Pairing Scheme 1st Year Physics

pairing scheme 1st year physics

1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2025 – Punjab Boards

In the Pairing Scheme 1st year Physics, students are provided with a detailed breakdown of the examination structure, facilitating a focused approach to their preparation. With a total of 85 marks allotted, the scheme divides the assessment into objective and subjective sections, with 17 marks designated for the objective part and 68 marks for the subjective part.

The objective section, comprising 17 marks, evaluates students’ understanding through multiple-choice questions covering various topics from different chapters. Conversely, the subjective section, carrying the majority of the marks, delves into students’ comprehension and problem-solving abilities through long-answer questions, numerical problems, and theoretical explanations.

The 1st year pairing scheme further delineates the division of marks within the subjective section, with students required to attempt specific numbers of short questions from each chapter. Additionally, the long questions division allows students to choose from a selection of questions from different chapters, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their knowledge across the syllabus.

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pairing scheme 1st year physics

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